Friday, November 18, 2011

Sawangan, soon to be out, pre-order your copies now!

Please watch out for the release of "Sawangan", Albay's Indie Culture and Arts Collective Journal.

This publication is made possible through the efforts of ABKAT (An Banwa: Kultura buda Artes kan Tabaco) Inc., Albayanong Parasurat, and our network of local artists, cultural workers, and concerned private individuals to further promote the local literature, language, and arts of Albayano pride, and in support of the local creative economy in the province.

Aside from working to promote further the use of our mother tongue in artistic and intellectual expressions, it will also feature updates and showcase works in the seven arts produced by Albayanos and Albay-based artists alike.

To pre-order a copy or be one of our sponsors, please contact us via +63 52 480 2766 (night phone) +63 928 660 7213 (SMS/mobile) or, email to minagayon_at_gmail_dot_com.

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