The Midnight Journal

The Midnight Journal is the first ever Bikolano community resource and social media blogzine, launched in order to keep you in the know of the happenings, events, gigs, meet-ups, workshops, calls for submissions, and artist work opportunities within and around the region, showcase the latest creations of Bikolano artists, and feed your hunger for quality content with a weekly dose of musings, poetry, and artwork features that depict or relate fragments of life in living the Bikolano pride.

It is published through the efforts of the Musings of the Midnight Writer core team. Fresh releases every Saturday midnight (Pacific Standard Time).

Please support our digital journal by sending in article contributions, artworks, and community event updates! 

(See here for submission rules and guidelines and for more information about the blogzine and its related projects, see the community site development page). 

Dios magbantay!